Toyota Holds the Line on Pricing

August 31st, 2009

A rough year for Toyota makes for a great year for Toyota shoppers.

With few signs that the car market is in recovery, an oversupply of newly built cars largely disappeared, and many manufacturers to withdraw heavy incentives, some manufacturers will certainly make use of the model years 2011 to raise prices. But battered Toyota chose to ask for a relatively small price increases on most of its models. The numbers came from a press release from Toyota, and not every model is justified. We bring you the rest of the lineup as we speak.

And, as always, sticker price is only part of the equation. Toyota has been offering heavy incentives in the summer – something that the Japanese automaker is always reluctant to do in the past – as it seeks to buoy sales at more bad publicity in the wake of her high-profile recall debacle to occur.

Price increases are as follows:

2011 Toyota Avalon – a bump of just $ 200 for all equipment levels. The Avalon gets a design refresh for 2011, with more luxurious materials and an updated look, so the small price bump is a bit of a surprise in this case.

Toyota Camry 2011 – an increase of $ 125 ($ 175 for hybrids). The Camry is almost completely unchanged for the 2011 model year.

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser – An exception to the trend of small price changes, the Land Cruiser’s sticker jumped by $ 1,400 on every trim level. The added cash is a bit justified – it helps to pay for a new Active Seatbelt pretension seatbelts System connections awaiting an accident to determine if a sensor is likely. But it is not really justified, because the market for SUVs of this size remains small so far in 2010.

2011 Toyota RAV4 – a $ 250 price bump. The base RAV4 remains unchanged, although a new Plus Extra value package is offered to the base model a little more luxurious, with a moonroof, CD changer and body-color cladding market.

Toyota Sequoia 2011 – A greater increase of $ 550. What does the 2011 have that 2010 does not? A switch for the daytime running lights, and the option of wood trim. There are, we must point out, a lot of links to 2010s dealer lots.

2011 Toyota Sienna – A $ 200 bump. Despite a complete redesign for 2011 wheels-up, the price of Sienna gets only a small push, go up to $ 200 on every trim level. for what appears to be one of the best minivans we’ve seen in a while, that’s great news.

2011 Toyota Tundra – A price increase of $ 425-480 dollars, depending on the trim. The V-6-powered Tundra gets an improved engine with variable valve timing. It also gets trailer sway control. So maybe the price is justified. The V-8-powered Tundra gets no changes other than a socket instead of a lighter, and no ashtray. So maybe it’s not.

2011 Toyota Yaris – a $ 250 jump. The Yaris is unchanged, except for new visors.

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