Study: ‘Win On Sunday, Sell On Monday’ Still Holds True

July 15th, 2010

A study released today shows that there is a strong connection between participation in motorsport and sales at dealer level plots. Back in the mid-20th century, the association between winning races on Sunday and sell cars on Monday was a fact. But in recent decades, the link has been questioned – some suggest not even exist in the import-heavy market today.

The reasoning behind the band had lost that racing had become less relevant for the average car on the road today, and buyers looking for more than raw performance in a new car. But it turns out that while these facts may remain, the advantage of more people participating in the races than the cars that participate in them.

“New vehicle buyers are influenced by racing mostly cars and trucks love and they are for other opinion leaders, car buyers – they give an average of 25 or more vehicles per year recommendations to others,” said Steve McCann, president of prognostic studies, the agency the investigation. “More importantly, people follow their advice – and we have measured. So, is there a downstream effectors of races in the current form of word of mouth recommendations. That’s why we say that the roar of a race car stays away from the circuit. ”

The races themselves to hold value for this opinion leaders, met the study Foresight shown wordt 63 percent of these influencers werkelijk “plan of the vehicle shows setup to visit during race weekends when they are in the market for a new car purchase. After the event, 44 percent of them will spread their recommendations for other people looking to buy. The buyers are most influenced by the motorsport who buy big cars, sports cars and pickups.

Even after this major influencer group Racing has an influence on the overall car-shopper: in 2009, 25 perecnt of all new cars buyers looked ten minste a motorsport zelfs on TV in the year prior to their purchase, and 10 percent actually a contest attended.

So what does this mean for market research gobbledygook mean? It means that those of us who motorsport actively support its influence on the procurement processes of many other people, and motorsport in general a positive effect on car sales – enough for their costs to justify in most cases. And that means the sport can have a bright future even in the highly regulated (environmental and otherwise) future.

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