Nissan Unveils World-First Electro-Hydraulic Brake And Steering Systems

September 30th, 2009

Nissan has recently been a role in regards to its technology launches, with de Japanese automaker in the past few weeks showing off a range of new technologies fuel it plans to commence in the coming years and a few of zeer geavanceerde ‘slimmed ‘engines.

Now Nissan is raising the bar even further automotive technology with the announcement of two world’s first technologies: Electro-hydraulic power steering and electrically powered Smart Braking. The benefits of the technology not only to encourage environmental performance, but also share high integration, responsive steering and brakes, along with more accurate and natural feeling electronic power steering.

For the first time in the world, an electro-hydraulic power steering is adopted, the engine
is only activated when the driver control. In essence, it offers the advantages of both types of steering – the natural and smooth control of hydraulic power steering and improved fuel efficiency of electric power steering.

The electrically powered Smart Brake, on the other hand, is designed for hybrid vehicles and use their electric motor to directly operate the brake cylinders. When the driver on the brake pedal, the braking power needed while maintaining the hydraulic pressure of the friction is controlled to help maximize the Energy Regeneration. The good news is that it can be applied to various future hybrid vehicles.

The new systems are scheduled to debut in the U.S. on the 2011 Infiniti M early next year.

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