Nissan To Tap Renault For Sports, Luxury Electric Cars?

September 5th, 2009

LEAF Nissan electric vehicle is not in the hands of customers – and will not for a while – but there the next round of Nissan and Infiniti EVs makes its way across the web. LEAF but will not necessarily be used platform – instead, Nissan may be looking for his Renault sport and luxury electricity. There is no hard data on what the plan is now, but here are our best bet.

Sporty Nissan EVs

First up: the Nissan electric sports car. Talk jumped this week on a leaf-based sports car for Nissan, but as we said in our report, both the 370Z and the Essence concept mentioned in the rumor does not seem appropriate platforms for the car. Instead, we believe that Renault Dezire concept may provide a clearer picture of where Nissan is led offer.

The Dezire Concept, due to be unveiled this fall at the Paris Auto Show, is a two-seater sports car with an all-electric drive. Although features scissor doors instead, you do not have to squint too hard to see how it could translate into a production car. There is even a bit of the Essence concept to its lines.

Power for the Dezire comes from a 24 kilowatt-hours battery is good for more than 100 miles range, connected by an electric motor with an output of 150 hp and 167 pounds-feet of torque. That may not sound like much, but considering the car’s small size and light weight, it could still provide some thrills at the wheel, especially with the instant-on torque delivered by the electric motor. You’ll also notice that these specs are very realistic based on the present and near future EV powertrains.

Infiniti’s luxury EV

Then we have the luxury Infiniti EV. While talk of a leaf-based Infiniti car has the round, we would expect the LEAFiness be limited to a number of joint propulsion technology. Instead, Infiniti luxury cars to take on the market for EVs is more likely to be based on Renault Fluence.

The move is a smart one from a volume perspective, since it already planned all-electric ZE Fluence sedan a drain to the U.S., while adding an electric motor to the Infiniti’s range without diluting the brand in its core market. And it sure looks Fluence to the task of delivering Infiniti style and comfort.

The Fluence She’s been off and on production in its final form, ready for its retail debut in Israel and Europe starting in 2011. That could mean an Infiniti version in the U.S. in 2012 or even earlier.

Power for the Fluence She comes from a 22 kilowatt-hour battery providing a 94-hp, 166 lbs.-ft electric motor. That is not much of an American highway perspective, so it can see some beefing up with a driveline that more in line with the Nissan sports car before it reaches our shores.

Another open question

Although these are our best guesses about what to cook in the halls of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the company can still surprise and come from a totally unexpected direction. That said, there are strong arguments for the promotion of the technology has developed in the context of the partnerschap, in particular to send de VS

Short of a return to the Renault badge on the American streets – itself an argument full of complications – those two cars can highlight the best opportunities in the near future that corporate depth tap and into cars that people want to buy in quantity.

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