Nissan Leaf Could Get 2013 Refresh

February 25th, 2010

With yesterday’s big news on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt price and year-long nationwide sales launch of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, you would think that the news of Plug-In 2010 in San Jose would be over. But we are responsible for the look further into the distance, so you need not – and that is why earlier this week, we asked about the future of the magazine and how it might change over time as Nissan will learn how to to building more efficient.

Mark Perry, director of product planning at Nissan, says the one thing that the company was looking for the entire life cycle of the car more power would be. As it is, he explains, the magazine is optimized for size, weight and battery performance.

“People asked us, why did you pick 24kW and 100 miles?” he says.

The explanation is simple: price. Perry says that, since Nissan feels all state of the art energy in the magazine’s own battery, designed the rest of the car to the space needed for the batteries that this kind of daily driving range can be, and would can be brought into the home market at a price close to that of the average car sold in America.

To increase the usable range Leaf at this point would require a change in chemistry. There is not much more space in the sheet the lichaam to the house of meer batteries, he says, and notes that adding more cells zou ook weight and increase in costs – the two things Nissan will try to reduce over The Leaf’s life cycle to improve profitability and the owner driving experience.

Yet Perry’s convinced that change will benefit, although he had no inkling as to the precise question.

“Sure, there will be improved,” he says. “There is so much R & D batteries, you would hope that as a society we would get a breakthrough.”

When Nissan was able to adapt to any improvements the Leaf? Manufacturing plays a large role in any future changes. By the end of 2012, Nissan will be able to build the Leaf of the body and the batteries are Smyrna, Tennessee, complex – which means the US-built cars will probably bear a 2013 model year designation.

Shortly thereafter, cue Nissan plants in Europe to a possible global manufacturing footprint to deliver Leaf 500,000 EVs a year to complete.

So we will see upgrades in the power and reach of the 2013 Nissan Leaf? We asked Perry immediately.

His answer? Just a smile.

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