Moving from owned car to leased car

August 20th, 2010

For the past fifteen years I have always owned my own car. Sometimes I have had brand new cars, sometimes I have bought cars that have been a few years old, and I have even spent less than a thousand pounds on a car once! There is one thing that ties all of these cars together though – I have always spent more money maintaining all of these cars than I ever thought possible. Most cars just seem to be a pit for my money! Honestly there is always something going wrong with them, and some people I talk to now tell me that modern cars are not even designed to stay in good condition! The car manufacturers take their first bite out of your pocket when you buy the car, and then they continue to help themselves to your loose change for the remainder of the time you own the car! The dealerships are making a tidy little profit on all of the servicing they ever do to these cars – so it is no wonder that the makers want things to go wrong with their cars after a certain period of time!

This time last year I made a decision to never buy a car again. I had found out from a good friend of mine that car leasing is quite simply a better and cheaper option. Obviously you have a small lump sum to pay in the first instance, and then regular monthly payments, but the beauty of this scheme is that whenever anything goes wrong with the car, it is not your problem! You simply call your lease firm, and they have someone come and take away the car for it to be serviced or fixed! All you have to do is worry about putting petrol in the thing, and the rest you can forget all about!

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