Fight For Top Of Luxury Charts Heats Up As BMW Closes On Mercedes, Lexus

July 25th, 2010

Toyota has a rough year with many points, but despite the problems, managed to gain a quarter or even a slight increase in sales in July show. But BMW and Mercedes-Benz are pushing for the Japanese brand to claim the title of best-selling luxury manufacturer in the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz the growth of seven percent year-on-year in July is better than Lexus’, but also falls short of 16 percent increase in BMW’s. Both Mercedes and BMW have some distance to close on overall sales, however, as Lexus has for the past decade and continues to hold a 5000-unit lead over Mercedes-Benz and BMW for 6500 units ahead of the 2010 years- to-date, according to Automotive News.

The overall jump in sales of luxury cars means a continuing trend from the end of last year, which Audi, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and everything seemed to rise by at least 10 percent year-on-year in December. Figures from 2009 should be taken in the context of the overall market downturn, however, who saw most auto manufacturers, with 15-20 percent dip for the full year compared to 2008. This means that the double-digit increases seen this year are somewhat short of 2008 levels – a sign that the market has not fully recovered yet.

The brightest spot in the luxury market remains at Audi. Although he sells a little less than half the total volume of BMW, Lexus or Mercedes individually, 27.1 percent more than in years-to-date Audi’s marks a solid growth, behind only a limited volume luxury brands Land Rover , Maserati, Rolls-Royce.

Porsche also strong results in July, up 75 percent year-on-year and 22.2 percent year-to-date with a total of 13 687 cars sold.

Losers so far this year include: Bentley, a decrease of 46.7 percent in July and 2.4 percent year to date, Volvo, a decrease of 32.9 percent in July and 10.1 percent for the year , and MINI, from her performance with 11.2 percent in July 2009 and 2009 years-to-date by 1.9 percent. Saab is obviously well-off in sales in 2009 with its near-death experience and transfer of Spyker, posting a decline of 18.1 percent in July and a 69.5 percent decrease year to date.

Overall however, the luxury market appears outperforming the overall auto industry, leading to 5.2 percent in July and 14.8 percent for the year.

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