Kia Sportage: Top Residual Value Could Sweeten The Deal

September 15th, 2009

Kia is clearly moving up. With the introduction of the Forte sedan, KOUP Forte and Soul last year, along with the new 2010 Kia Sorento, the brand has a new design direction unified, high-performance and refinement, and a luxurious feel throughout its lineup.

The AOS transformation clearly bearing fruit. According to ALG Kia has given the new 2011 Sportage is a very high three years residual figure of 61 percent, Äîmeaning in three years, the Sportage is expected to be worth that much of its original MSRP. Aos that normally the domain of Honda.

Looking at individual finish, the Sportage Base Model rated an excellent 66 percent and is tied with models from BMW and Subaru for the industry, aos highest ranking of ALG.

The Sportage, aos residual value is the highest rating ever for the brand, and 20 points higher than the outgoing 2010 Sportage.

Why is the residual value is so important? Because it not only takes into account the expected residual value, but affects the manufacturer, aos attractive lease option to offer. And of course if you, Äîcould Äôre the type who buys and trades new after three years, your total cost of ownership, depreciation Äîwith lower, much lower.

But you, Äôll probably have to pay much more for a Kia Sportage 2011 than a 2010 model. As we reported earlier today, the 2011 Sportage starts at $ 18,995, but fully optioned models would pass the $ 30k mark.

In the past few days has is spending time with the new 2011 Kia Sportage. U Äôll check out all the tech features, such as real-time traffic and a new voice-control system that has used Kia Sportage in 2011, and more tidbits, visit our live drive notes. And stay tuned for a full first drive.

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