Ford Explorer: New Niche Approach Fits The Times

December 15th, 2009

In Some respects, notably the Ford Explorer Plate is one Solves a Particular Time, When You Were fresh and new reality shows, Brittany Spears was just not that Innocent, and gasoline prices should Were reliably under two U.S. U.S. dollars a gallon. Ten years ago, Ford [NYSE: F] sold a dizzying 450.000 Explorer SUVs, and for a few years, the Explorer was the family wagon or suburban, middle-class America.

But due to a combination of much-publicized Firestone tire Influences-the recall, Ford, Toward a migration crossover utility vehicles, and simply passing the wave of fashion-Ford wasn’t-able to hold on to many Explorer owners for a sale and repeat the numbers plummeted.

Last year’s sales? A measly 52,000.

The Dearborn automaker Could not just walk away from Clearly Such A Particularly successful plate. But fortunately, That They recognized Because few people to go all retro like it’s 1999 Quite yet.

With the new 2011 Ford Explorer Introduced today, Ford HAS tasks a step in a new direction with what, arguably, used to be ITS flagship vehicle in the U.S. This time a modern, passenger-friendly three-row design, combining Some of the best attributes or newer crossover designs, Ford’s industry-leading connectivity features, and Some of the rugged ness of a traditional SUV-including a Range Rover-like terrain system – the automaker Hopes to appeal to a crowd that’s looking for something a little practical this time differential.

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