Driven: 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost

July 5th, 2010

A car is a car is a car review review review. Like me, you’re probably tired of reading the endless inside baseball talk about brake disc format, 50-70 mph passing times, even plug-in driving ranges. If you have the correct drive, it’s … well … academic, is not it?

Thank goodness for the Rolls-Royce Ghost do not worry about any of this.

Neither will you after the first dozen or so miles at the wheel of the new “small” Rolls is a warning shot aimed over the heads of the boys and their Bentley Mulsanne aspirations. Wait, warning shot? That sounds a bit rude. The dapper, impeccably cushioned Ghost will have none of that.

Let’s say … a brief dismissal.

I myself could hardly accustomed to the Spirit, figured out the chrome switches and buttons and pull openings, and barely had glided out of the parking lot that some ultra-luxurious Zen descended on me.

It was a lean days of airplanes and airports have shuttles, and knowing that I would have $ 240,000 of the Spirit at my disposal gave me sufficient excuse for its navigation system south to establish, for the most relaxing outpost I know that in a simple two hours drive from LAX. It is a place far away from the madness of the Delta terminal and narrow seats and the existential horror of the bus. Far enough to completely erase the recent memories, without adding more wear to the equation.

La Jolla may seem even closer if you were speeding, something the Ghost proves itself well able to do despite its colossal steel billet attitude. I leaned on a brisk pace, enough speed to make the Lodge at Torrey Pines in plenty of time for a late dinner on a terrace outside my room wooden beams, with one hour on a late Law & Order capture and digest it all.

I mean the food of course, but even more, the aftertaste leaves itself the Rolls.

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