Driven: 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster

August 5th, 2010

Slide-in, drop the top, clutch and step on the brake, press the start button. The 370Z Roadster 332-horsepower 3.7-liter V-6 growls to life, and you’re ready for your favorite piece of tree-lined two-lane Blacktop attack. It’s summer, and Nissan is ready.

Unlike the 350Z convertible, was the 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster was designed from the outset as a convertible, and it shows. Top up or down, the relations and the prospects are much cleaner and more attractive than its predecessor. The top-down look is especially good. Sexy, even.

More than just a pretty face
But the look is not the only thing built into the roadster. It is a solid sports car, too. Like its hardtop brethren, the Roadster offers all Synchro rev downshifts fun and on-demand power you probably want to be within 150 percent of a certain speed limit. It will run on the rear tires will once you disengage the VDC, it stops when a dropped anchor, and it will even turn a corner without complaining.

There are a few roadster-specific criticisms of the performance, of course. Chassis for flex – had enough, but it’s not as bad as the Mustang GT Convertible for example. Back from an uneven driveway while looking over your shoulder and you will see that the cord in slow motion. Toss the Roadster into a long fast sweeper and you will see the suspension to settle immediately followed by a second team, like the exterior rear of the car, sinking down an inch or so. That is the flex. In the end, it makes the car’s ability is not compromised in the street, and you’re not going to turn the Roadster in a special track car anyway, so we’ll leave it at that.

Comfortable Cruiser
When a real street car, the 370Z is brilliant, and the Roadster improves the formula. It’s not too hard with the top up and down even with the top, while the side windows rolled up, it is quiet and calm enough in the cockpit of a fairly normal voice conversation to around 80 mph. But it is the materials and design in the cabin that real experience.

If you completely familiar with the 350Z – I own one – you know, as good a car is, the interior is about one notch above the eco-car cheap. It’s simple, utilitarian and functional, to be sure, but the materials do not feel good and design is uninspired. The 370Z suffers none of these things, especially when equipped with the navigation package and leather interior upgrades. Alcantara door inserts, metal accents quality, durable plastic-feeling keys, and soft-touch plastic combined with a cabin that is nearly indistinguishable from an Infiniti shots. And that’s a good thing, even taking into account the $ 44,420 asking price of Z Touring Roadster once you tack on delivery and the Sport Package.

Sure, you put that on the threshold of entry-level Corvette Convertible and the Porsche Boxster territory, but the Corvette, but it offers much more performance, suffers from half-price compared to the interior, and the base Boxster, while the Life on the luxury end – if a bit noisy – falls short on performance, only 255 hp. And both start at $ 3000-4000 more than the Z.

Simply put, for the price, there is no better sports roadster market when you consider the whole package. You can make a better car, but you pay more, and you can save money, but you will give strength and style. It’s a great balance.

Some Historical Perspective
Applying the new Z Roadster in its proper perspective, though, we’re not entirely sold on the direction of her disappeared. Like the 240Z and the 260Z, the 350Z is a simple, and in its early years, relatively light and nimble sports car. The 370Z has moved along the path of the 300ZX, which has more power and luxury, but a blunting of the car feel and handling of a sports car territory and give them closer to the status of Grand Touring. Some say the 350Z was more of a GT car, but the 370Z is a long step further provide that path.

By this point you may be wondering what I’m talking about. Weight saving was a great marketing point on the 370Z debut – and over the last years of the 350Z production runs, it is a bit lighter. But compared to the 3,200 pounds in 2003 and 2004 models, the 370Z is heavier, even against the previous Roadster.

Nissan, the 2010 Roadster Touring curb weight of 3497 pounds with the manual transmission. The 2004 Roadster, by comparison, weighed in on the Touring trim £ 3,462. In combination with a one-percent more weight forward bias (54/46 compared to 53/47 2004′s) the whole package is more cumbersome, slow transition, and tends to understeer more, a trait that even the 370Z has been upgraded double wishbone front suspension can not tune.

Still an Incredible Value
But, as we noted earlier, the 370Z Roadster is a huge leap in the daily driver comfort, overall quality, styling and Roadster, while remaining a good performer. At this price point, it is impossible to make up the perfect package, but Nissan has very close. If you can get beyond the badge-dropping value of the possession of a Boxster and Boxster S, we think the 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster your face, especially one equipped with the Touring and Sport packages, just find a place of welcome in your driveway, and saves you money in the process.

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