Do-It-Yourself Auto Workshop For Detroit Reworks An Old Idea

June 30th, 2010

The depressed economy has stimulated many innovative DIY solutions like renewed interest in the community, garages and tool libraries for keeping vehicles repaired as economically as possible and continue on the road and some innovative ways to help redundant , skilled workers to hold until better times.

The new range of facilities, a collaboration between Menlo Park, California-based Tech Shop and Ford [NYSE: F] will open an automotive-oriented facility in Detroit, with the aim of harnessing the full potential out-of-work engineers, technicians and harness everyone who has specialized skills.

In exchange for a monthly fee, members access to approximately $ 500,000 worth of gear and specialized tools such as lathes and mills, they would not have access to a home workshop.

It was a match made in Silicon Valley, Ford and TechShop first met last year at Maker Faire in May this year and soon the project in motion. Ford sees it as a way of extending its community of potential inventors and innovators who can help bring solutions to SYNC and its connectivity solutions to the market.

Founders hoped that the facility that do not bear the name Ford, will help nurture a kind of Silicon Valley-like center of innovation, allowing people without big-time loans and investments for their development to follow tendencies.

Many might say that we have seen such a provision, and called the community college. Admittedly, most community colleges are particularly well-funded workshop, and enrollment in a single credit hour is all you need to access. TechShop sounds less on marketing skills and more about inventions and experiments, but a request TechShop an overview of the differences between their facilities and other public facilities such as remained unanswered by publishing time.

TechShop is still looking for funding assistance for the Detroit facility, the organization also has offices in North Carolina and California (for a total of 800 members) and is planning a workshop in San Francisco opens later this summer.

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