Car Compare: 2010 Hyundai Tucson Vs. 2011 Kia Sportage

May 20th, 2010

With the 2011 Sportage, Kia’s are all bets placed in the right places. The Sportage has grown up in real-world dimensions, cargo space more than ever. It is still among smaller cars in its class, but it fits better adults in all situations.

And though it is a mechanical equipment of the 2010 Hyundai Tucson below, there is plenty to distinguish the two, radically different from sheet metal for the future of Bluetooth hands-free entertainment. Hyundai and Kia make it easy to choose which you prefer … or do they?

Normally at this point we had called for a “Car Compare,” but for some reason, we’re going to do a little differently. The first reason is, we have not ridden to the upcoming turbocharged version of the Sportage, and it is not even in dealers yet. Secondly, the FBI was not built Sportage crash scores that could stimulate the rating.

We have driven well enough to know what we would choose, though. So you know, this comparison ends in a numeric winner, but we are ruling by Fiat executive to name the by-the-numbers loser the winner – and we will explain why.

So before we get too far into the details, we recap our runner-up:

The 2010 Hyundai Tucson is the beneficiary of an extreme makeover that works. The silly old Tucson failed in something almost as compelling as this new version – which also bridges the gap between the beautiful new Sonata sedan and the line-up of the car-like crossovers (not for the upcoming 2011 Hyundai Elantra called .) The Tucson has a great interior space, a much more tasteful look outside and in – and although not open lijk fast and a good deal more expensive than before, it’s a Top Safety Pick with many of the standard functions. And that’s more than enough for first-time buyer crossover to feel like they are well made.

We want:

* Smoothed-over four-cylinder engine
* Offer is still a manual transmission
* Spacious interior
* Fuel

We do not like:

* Lagging Performance
* Leather seating
* Send Feeling
* Brakes feel

“Can not you people count? “We know what you think, but hear us out. In 2011, TheCarConnection setting a new green rating that is factored into the valuation of the 2011 Sportage and not that of the 2010 Tucson. Stay tuned for more details about this feature shortly . Furthermore, the Sportage is not passed any crash tests yet, though we suspect the close structural relationship with the Tucson will help him back to the same scores. Finally came so close to give the Sportage a 9 for styling, the whole urban theme backpack just works here. It is what the Jeep Compass could have been – and it’s a bit more authentic than the fancy SUV Tucson.

We want:

* Dissolute new form
* Better quality build around
* UVO’s hands-free audio
* The 270-horsepower turbo SX

We do not like:

* Rides a little stiff
* Steering feels heavy
* Cabin on the smaller side
* Lean rear passenger head room

The Bottom Line? Both Hyundai and Kia have hit game reset at precisely the right moment – and while the Tucson scores victory on paper, we pick the Sportage as our favorite awaiting more facts and figures to come – and in anticipation of our first ride of the 270 hp Sportage SX.

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