2011 Volkswagen Jetta: First Drive

April 10th, 2010

The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta will be significantly updated in October when it appears to the dealers, VW and hopes it is more in line with what American shoppers want in a compact sedan.

We drove the Jetta last week in San Francisco, and we just submitted our full review – and like many other reviewers were impressed by how much of the VW driving character has transferred so that the Jetta has a longer body and a less complicated, less sophisticated rear suspension. It certainly succeeds in packs, with a really spacious back seat, and it depends on the charming VW-style handle.

But the Jetta steps back in some important ways to VW fans – fans who may or may not be replaced by buyers who value equivalent to other brands like Honda, Hyundai, Kia or Ford. Gone are the high cost of Jetta’s independent rear suspension, and the richly textured interior trim. You can not get leather on one of the three versions of the VW Jetta is promised by the end of the year, and options are severely limited the company tries to lower prices by reducing the complexity of the cars it builds.

The cockpit is probably the big letdown. You will not feel the pinch of how the Jetta drives, much, but you will touch every time you look over the dashboard and door panels. It all looks very Volkswagen, but it feels like the harder times we are all too familiar with.

Interestingly, the Jetta is the beginning of a total U.S. imports in its redeployment plan. This Jetta comes in four-and five-cylinder versions, with a TDI diesel option and a turbocharged GLI and ultimately, a turbo and supercharged Hybrid. However, the current Jetta sports car to keep the current style, was built in Germany alongside the Gulf, and it’s just not make financial sense to change it at this point.

The Jetta has grown so much, the current Passat is the gravedigger. With a larger rear seat and a larger trunk, the Jetta oust the current car aside. We reported last year that VW Passat in the U.S. will stop next year when the company launches its full-size, built Tennessee “NMS” sedan in late 2011 – we’re not sure yet, but if that stop-work To apply to the slinky VW CC, too.

There is bound to be some confusion as VW in the U.S. flavored mixes cars in its range for 800,000 sales a year in the U.S. The Jetta is a clear step in the new corporate direction. The missing piece of the puzzle? Whether the traditional VW fans will follow along with the trend towards larger, less refined VWS, or not.

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